Aviation Technologies Holdings s.r.o.

The Aviation Technologies Holdings group was formed through the merger of two companies, which build on the long tradition of Czech production, in particular in the aviation and automotive industry, in their activities.

These company are Technometra Český Brod and Blanik Aircraft CZ. Each company employs around 80 workers.

In the past, the history of today’s Technometra Český Brod a.s. was written by two independent companies engaged in the automotive industry and in the field of hydraulics and aircraft components.

The modern history has a successor in the company from Český Brod near Prague, which holds all the know-how of Praga a.s. and Technometra Praha, a.s. and builds its future on it.

Due to the positive developments of aviation manufacturers in the Czech Republic, technological development has again been revived. At present, the development of new fuel pumps is being completed, and work on new electro-hydraulic switchboards is continuing.

In the production of gearboxes, participation in the project for the modernization of vehicles for important foreign customers is under preparation. In addition to these traditional activities, the production of small parts for the automotive industry was launched as well.

The products are primarily intended for customers in the Czech Republic, but there are ongoing efforts to expand the exports to the German and Austrian markets in particular. In addition to its own products, it offers a wide range of machining processes for different materials to its customers.

Blanik Aircraft CZ s.r.o., which is based in Prague, commenced its pilgrimage in Přerov at the end of 2014 with a clear goal, to put the timeless Blaník training glider back into the sky.

Its modern production facilities in Letňany, Prague and dozens of reconstructed Blaník L-13 gliders, which serve the next generations of glider pilots and are used for pilot training on several continents, are proof that it is succeeding in this goal.

The mutual cooperation of these companies also offers a wide range of possibilities in the area of material modification and final production.

Manufacturing capabilities:

 Riveting
 CNC turning
 Gear milling, CNC milling, surface grinding and drilling
 Pressing
 Defectoscopy
 Special gear modifications
 Shotblasting
 Precision measurement
 Wet painting and powder coating
 Waterjet cutting
 Welding
 Pipe bending
 CNC corner forming
 3D scanner and reverse engineering
 Airframe and subassemblies production

Due to the ongoing projects and business ambitions of the group, both companies have to meet stringent production parameters. Both companies meet the requirements of the ČSN EN ISO certification and have an authorization for the design, manufacture and maintenance of aircraft devices granted by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic. Technometra Český Brod received a certificate for the production and maintenance of military equipment from the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, and Blanik Aircraft CZ is able to offer and provide complete flight training as an approved organization. We are keen to track the future development of this promising cooperation.

Aviation Technologies Holdings s.r.o.

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